Festival Season is upon us!

Phoenix have managed to cast 3 one act plays this season and will be presenting them at the local drama festivals and for one evenings entertainment in Didcot at the Northbourne Centre on the 4th July.

Monday 8th June: ODN Festival - ‘Riverside Drive’ by Woody Allen & ‘The Zig Zag Woman’ by Steve Martin

Tuesday 9th June: ODN Festival - ‘The Edge’ by Ron Nicol

Thursday 18th June: Wallingford Festival - “The Edge” by Ron Nicol


Independence Day in Didcot

Didcot Phoenix Drama Group is holding a American theme 4
th July Independence Day evening at the Northbourne Centre. We will be performing three one act plays, Zig Zag Woman by Steve Martin, The Edge by Ron Nicol and Riverside Drive by Woody Allen.

Steve Martin’s comedy
Zig Zag Woman uses magic, one of Steve’s first loves, to ask what would we not do for love? This is the tale of a young woman who wants to catch a certain beau's eye so she places herself in a magician's box that allows her middle to be separated from her head and feet - thus, the zig-zag woman. "Maybe now he'll notice me," she says. As we meet three men who may be the one, we have to wonder, perhaps, "just when you think love is dead, it is waiting for you like a crouching panther."

The Edge by Ron Nicol is a black comedy about a young man on the roof of a high building, contemplating throwing himself over the edge. Before he can make the leap, his encounter with a young woman disturbs his thought process as her bizarre fantasies become all too familiar. Will he jump? Will she?

Riverside Drive by Woody Allen explores the neuroses of Jim Swain, a successful if unimaginative writer who comes to Riverside Drive to break off an extramarital affair. While he waits for his mistress, he’s accosted by Fred Savage, a genius but disturbed homeless man. Fred pieces together Jim's entire life, while receiving alien broadcasts via the Empire State Building. When Barbara, Jim's mistress, arrives, the break up doesn’t go well…

Doors open 7 pm on 4
th July. Tickets will be £5, available from …. Refreshments are available.